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Hi,{{answer_60174378}},what site are you auditing today? *

Great, we'll have you go through a few categories in the audit. It will take about 15 minutes. Make sure to open your site in a new tab, so that you won't lose your answers. First is brand information.

Which of this information is available on any page of your site? *

Which of this information is available on your Home Page? *

Does the short description make it clear to first time visitors what the site is about? *

Now we'll focus on Contact Information.

Which of these contact options does your site have up and running? *

Which of these elements are available on the site? *

Which of these details are easy to find on your site? *

Now we'll talk about written content:

Do you have a blog on your site? *

Do the blog articles provide answers to your audience's needs? *

Which of the following pages do you have on your site? *

Do these pages have the audience's need in mind or are they promoting the brand? *

Now let's focus on Social Media,{{answer_60174378}}

Which social networks does your brand have profiles on? *

Do you have social media buttons for all your social profiles on your site? *

Do you only post your site's content on your social media profiles? *

Do you interact with people’s responses? (answer comments, retweet, like them back) *

Now let's focus on mobile devices

Can your site be accessed from mobile devices? *

Do all your pages look good on mobile devices? *

When Searching for your Brand on Google you can find : *

Last questions are about Email Lists:

Do you have an email list ? *

Do you send them a drip of initial emails to help them with using your product or service? *

Do you send at least one email a week to your email lists? *

Your Expectation Marketing Score is {{var_score}} out of 100. A score above 55 is a good one. 
Get back to the article to hear how to improve your score.
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